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Dinghy Lifts: TnT Lifts Systems, Inc is  the top manufacture of premium quality dinghy lifts in the world. The highest quality materials, proven technology, sophisticated design, custom installation, and excellent customer service are integral parts of our commitment to our customers. With the push of a button our patented lift system gently lowers and raises your dinghy, swim platform, personal watercraft, or tender into the water. For more information contact our Fort Lauderdale, FL office today! 1-800-826-8377 TNT Lift Systems, Inc designs and manufactures multi-purpose hydraulically controlled swim platforms, boat lifts & dinghy lifts that can be installed on the transom of any boat or yacht from 28 ft. to 150+ ft. FAQ How much weight can I carry on my dinghy Lift? TNT Lifts are engineered to be strong. In fact our individual boat lifts can carry more weight than we actually allow! The maximum weight is usually limited by the strength of the transom of your boat. As a general rule, the larger the boat the stronger the transom and, therefore, the larger the amount a lift can carry. As a rough guide, boat that are 33 to 39 feet can carry 500LB, boats that are 40 to 48 feet can carry 650LB, boats that are 49 to 58 feet can carry 800LB, boats that are 59 to 68 feet can carry 1000LB and boats over 69 feet can carry more. A more thorough guide is available in our document center.